Communication and Humanities

Communication and Humanities

The Scottsdale Community College Communication and Humanities Department is an eclectic group of energetic and innovative programs. Just as a tapestry is incomplete without each of its threads, these programs are interwoven in that they express, reflect, create, perform, record, and connect to the human experience.

The mission of the Communication and Humanities Department is to facilitate the learning process at the academic and vocational levels, using technological, strategic, and creative innovations in both curricular and co-curricular settings. Our work is born of a commitment to personal and professional growth, to our community, and to a belief in the strength of collaboration.

Additional Info

Communication and Humanities Department Office
Room: LC-305
Phone: (480) 423-6347

Department Chair (Day):
Darrell Copp (480) 423-6357

Department Chair (Eve):
Janet Robinson (480) 423-6478

Faculty & Staff:
Darrell Copp
Brian Davis
Dr. Anneliese Harper
Lucas Messer
Dr. Joseph Ortiz
Janet Robinson