Students with multiple interests and diverse talents will find Communication as the perfect major because the discipline provides theory, tools, and techniques for analyzing, managing and improving communication in all areas of personal and professional interaction. Communication courses enable students to understand, analyze and respond to communication problems and opportunities, including public speaking, interpersonal relationships, small groups, and community, civic and cultural groups. Our communication courses provide students with opportunities to learn ways to respond in varied communication contexts through hands-on applications.

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8124 Associate of Arts (AA), Communication

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Program Contacts

Dr. Joseph Ortiz, Department Chair
Office: LC-330
(480) 423-6330

Brian Davis, Communication Residential Faculty
Office: LC-329
(480) 423-6353

Dr. Anneliese Harper, Communication Residential Faculty 
Office: LC-333
(480) 423-6326

Dr. Lucas Messer, Communication Residential Faculty
Office: LC-334
(480) 423-6230

Janet Robinson, Program Advisor Film Humanities/Residential Faculty
Office: LC-331
(480) 423-6478

Department Office
Office: LC-305
Phone: (480) 423-6347
Fax(480) 423-6469