Students with multiple interests and diverse talents will find Communication as the perfect major because the discipline provides theory, tools, and techniques for analyzing, managing and improving communication in all areas of personal and professional interaction. Communication courses enable students to understand, analyze and respond to communication problems and opportunities, including public speaking, interpersonal relationships, small groups, and community, civic and cultural groups. Our communication courses provide students with opportunities to learn ways to respond in varied communication contexts through hands-on applications.

Program Code

8124 Associate of Arts (AA), Communication

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Program Contacts

Dr. Joseph Ortiz, Department Chair
Office: LC-330
(480) 423-6330

Brian Davis, Communication Residential Faculty
Office: LC-329
(480) 423-6353

Dr. Anneliese Harper, Communication Residential Faculty 
Office: LC-333
(480) 423-6326

Dr. Lucas Messer, Communication Residential Faculty
Office: LC-334
(480) 423-6230

Janet Robinson, Program Advisor Film Humanities/Residential Faculty
Office: LC-331
(480) 423-6478

Department Office
Office: LC-305
Phone: (480) 423-6347
Fax(480) 423-6469

Transfer Options

Students in the Communication program earn the Associate of Arts, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program. Students following the Communication transfer path enter transfer partner universities as a junior.

Arizona State University

Northern Arizona University

University of Arizona

Grand Canyon University

While students may also choose to transfer to out-of-state programs, we do not have transfer partnerships with those programs. Connect with your transfer destination to determine which courses can be taken at SCC.

Career Outlook

Graduates are prepared to: think critically, read analytically, evaluate information, conduct complex research, and solve problems. Upon completion of a communication degree at an accredited university, students are prepared for jobs in: 

  • advertising and promotions managers
  • clinical research coordinators
  • communication teachers, postsecondary
  • correspondence clerks
  • customer service representatives
  • distance learning coordinators
  • editors
  • education administrators, postsecondary
  • labor relations specialists
  • lawyers
  • legal support workers, all other
  • marketing managers
  • media and communication workers, all other
  • meeting, convention and event planners
  • middle school teachers
  • paralegals and legal assistants
  • postsecondary teachers
  • public address system and other announcers
  • public relations specialists
  • retail salespersons
  • sales and related workers
  • sales managers
  • sales representatives
  • secondary school teachers
  • survey researchers
  • training and development managers
  • training and development specialists

Employment outlook is consistently strong, as industry is looking toward majors in areas such as Communication to fill jobs with creative, critically-minded careers-seekers who have expertise in communication theories, tools, and techniques. According to one of our transfer partners, Arizona State University, Communication majors can expect the following salaries in careers for which a Communication degree at Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral level is the direct preparation.

Career *growth *median salary
Audiologists 28.6% $73,060
Chief Executives -1.2% $173,320
Health Educators 12.2% $50,430
Communication Teachers, Postsecondary 9.7% $62,550
Community Health Workers  14.9% $34,870
Compliance Managers  3.9% $105,060
Copy Writers 2.3% $58,850
Public Address System and Other Announcers 2.9% $25,730
Editors -5.3% $54,890
Entertainers and Performers, Sports and Related Workers, All Other 6.8% *
Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers 2.3% $58,850
General and Operations Managers 7.1% $97,270
Green Marketers 4.7% $96,720
Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary 19% $90,210
Investment Fund Managers 3.9% $105,060
Logistics Managers  2.2% $85,400
Radio and Television Announcers -14.3% $29,790
Broadcast News Analysts -12.6% $61,450
Reporters and Correspondents -8.5% $36,000
Legislators -0.7% $20,180
Postmasters and Mail Superintendents -26.2% $65,800
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers 7.1% $101,510
Public Relations Specialists 6.2% $55,680
Regulatory Affairs Managers 3.9% $105,060
Social and Community Service Managers 9.5% $62,740
Speech-Language Pathologists  21.3% $71,550
Supply Chain Managers 3.9% $105,060
Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes 2.5% $64,200
Technical Writers 10.2% $69,030
Transportation Managers 2.2% $85,400


Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics, US Dept. of Labor.