Commercial Bakery and Pastry Arts

The Commercial Bakery and Pastry Arts program is designed to teach baking and pastry techniques and fundamentals associated with that area of the culinary industry. Emphasis is on skills required for positions in commercial operations. Instruction includes principles for preparation, storage and serving bakery products, study of ingredients, preparation of classical and artisan breads, rich yeast doughs and edible centerpieces; decorative showpieces and special occasion cakes; basic business operation of a retail bakery.

Program Code

5788 Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Commercial Bakery and Pastry Arts

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Program Contacts

Mark Dow, Culinary Arts Program Director
Office: AP 254
Phone: (480) 423-6241

Gary Ward, Division Chair
Office: AP 247
Phone: (480) 423-6685

Division Secretary: TBA
Office: AP 251
Phone: (480) 423-6578

Program Notes:

  • Culinary Arts Student Interest Form
  • Enroll in the courses listed in the Program Curriculum
  • For permission to take upper-level class:
    • Email  and provide us with the following.
      • Full name
      • Student ID#
      • Course number and section of classes you would like to take
      • Brief explanation of your educational and industry background
Transfer Options

All Culinary program classes transfer in some capacity to in-state universities as well as other institutions around the country - this excludes developmental academic courses.


Career Outlook

Graduates are prepared for positions in:

  • Food service

  • Restaurants

  • Resorts/Hotels

  • Casinos

  • Hospitals/Assisted Living Facilities

  • Catering

  • Cruise Ships

Representative job titles:

  • Line Cooks ($12 per hour)

  • Kitchen Managers/Supervisors ($18 per hour)

Employment outlook:

Employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.  Consumers are continuing to demand healthier meals made from scratch in restaurants, in cafeterias, in grocery stores, and by catering services. To ensure high-quality dishes, these establishments are increasingly hiring experienced chefs to oversee food preparation.  There will be strong competition for jobs at upscale restaurants, hotels, and casinos, where the pay is typically highest. Workers with a combination of business skills, previous work experience, and culinary creativity should have the best job prospects (BLS, 2016).