Scottsdale Community College offers an Associate of Arts in Fine Arts degree that transfers to Arizona State University and other four-year institutions. The program is strong and compares well with other colleges, universities, and art schools in Arizona. The Art Department faculty members are professional working artists and teach their own classes in person. SCC’s Fine Arts program is connected to the arts community, and has continuous award winning programs in academic and professional fields.

Scottsdale Community College is the place among places for students pursuing a fine arts degree or fine arts courses. It is the place where faculty know you by name. A place that professional working artists return to year after year to sharpen their talents due to the expertise of the professors and quality of the courses. A program that will prepare you for the next step in your academic, professional, or occupational journey in the arts.

Additional Info

Department Co-Chairs:
Roger McKinney, Lisa Peace

Department Secretary:
Michael Barrett (480) 423-6344