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  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE:   All student enrollment and support services are available online only (connect with SCC here). Most Spring 2021 Semester classes are being held online, and students should contact their instructors for additional information.

Fitness Policies

Scottsdale Community College Fitness and Wellness Center Policies and Procedures

Age Requirement: Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times and have the permission of the FWC Manager to enroll. A parent/guardian must co-sign the back of the intake form during orientation.

Program: If you are enrolled in the FWC, you are entitled to a one-on-one fifty minute session with an instructor. Instructors will work with you to develop an exercise program that will help you achieve your individual goals. Instructors will show you how to use various pieces of equipment to attain your fitness goals. A spreadsheet of your program will be created and housed in the filing cabinet in the FWC for easy retrieval.

ID Card: You need an ID card to enter the Fitness and Wellness Center. You must wear your ID card while in the Fitness and Wellness Center. A replacement ID card can be issued for a $2 fee.

Towels: Towels are provided to you for personal use and to wipe equipment down after use. Feel free to use as many towels as you need, but please leave them in the Fitness and Wellness Center when you leave.

Lockers: Lockers are available for day use only to students who shower and/or change in the Fitness and Wellness Center. Please do not leave personal items or locks in or on any locker overnight. The FWC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Any unclaimed items in the lockers will be donated to charity.