Facility Rental Information

Additional Rental Information

In an EMERGENCY call 911 first. Then Public Safety at (480) 423-6175. Then the SCC Facilities Scheduling office.

  • If by chance the room you reserved is not unlocked when you arrive, please call Public Safety at (480) 423-6175 and they will let you in.
  • Outside caterers must be approved through SRPMIC Health Department.  The requirements are included in the SRPMIC Special Use Permit packet listed in Step Two.
  • Adding additional spaces, furniture, equipment, services, or personnel may increase the event fees owed.
  • Signboards will be placed for your use during your event–we will discuss how many are needed at the time of your reservation. The signboards will hold the signs you create–up to 24×36 inches–and are double sided. Please bring thumbtacks to affix the signs and remove them right after your meeting concluded. Any signs left after your event will be thrown away.
  • Due to the high volume of use for student, campus and District events, the Performing Arts Center may not be available for rent during high season for the arts. When you call the Facilities Scheduling Services office, please be sure to have as many dates of use as possible planned to increase likelihood of availability. Also carefully consider the amount of time you will need for setup before, and tear down after, the event to ensure adequate time for your use.

The event coordinator for your organization is responsible for:

  • Having a signed copy of your confirmed request and SRPMIC permit(s) and/or license(s) available during your event on campus.
  • Filing all required documents prior to the event.
  • Attending the event as an active participant and staying until tear down is complete.
  • Being responsible for event participants adhering to college regulations.
  • Ensuring that no furniture is moved or borrowed without advance permission from the SCC FSS office.
  • Immediately reporting any problems with your event space to the SCC FSS office.

Chartwells should always be contacted well in advance of your event. Contact them directly by email (preferred) at food.service@scottsdalecc.edu.

Please have meeting participants park in unmarked spaces only. Tickets may be issued for parking in carpool, designated permit parking, handicapped, or other designated spaces. General information about parking on campus are available at the Public Safety website.

Not all spaces are available for rent at SCC. Fees are affected by time, date and complexity of the event. Rental rates are subject to change. See the Rental Forms & Downloads page to the left.

Please address questions to the Facilities Scheduling Services office at (480) 423-6506.

There is a four (4) hour minimum for most rentals.

  • Regularly recurring meetings such as weekly meetings cannot be accommodated because MCCCD classes and functions have first priority each semester.
  • Saturday Events must end by 5:00 pm.
  • No food or drink allowed in classrooms.
  • Technology classrooms require advanced preparation and additional fees.
  • No alcohol is permitted on campus.
  • Public Safety has the right to require additional officers be on duty for your event—you will be charged.
  • Most personal parties, weddings, or celebrations cannot be accommodated in our spaces.
  • Smoking and all uses of tobacco (including the use of “e-cigs”) are prohibited from all District owned and leased property and facilities, including but not limited to buildings, parking lots, rooftops, courtyards, plazas, entrance and exit ways, vehicles, sidewalks, common areas and grounds.
  1. Signboard Requests: Signboards are assigned as part of your event. The map below shows a number for commonly used locations. These are to be added to your R25 reservation. Our set up team will place the board for you at the locations indicated—but off the sidewalks by District requirement. Bring thumbtacks to add your own sign, poster, or directional signage before the event. Do ensure you remove them right after the event so the next event user has access. Signs left will be added to recycling. See the Sandwich Board Location Map found in the Download Information box to the right.
  2. LED Sign Requests: Announcements to be placed on the LED signs at campus entrances #1 and #3 can be requested by using the Digital Sign Request Form.

Introduction to SRPMIC Special Use Permit Application:

This is only the first three pages of the application instructions. You will need to contact the SRPMIC office directly to complete their requirement(s). Specifics depend on your business status and type of event.

March 24, 2011
By Community Development Department, Planning Services Division


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