Institutional Advancement & Community Engagement

Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement


The Office of Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement (IACE) initiates and collaborates on projects designed to advance the goals and priorities of Scottsdale Community College. The scope of the team's work is defined in the SCC2020 Strategic Plan and is aligned with the priorities of the Planning and Budgeting Advisory Council (PBAC).

Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement encompasses marketing, public relations, development, and internal and external communications, supporting SCC's efforts to:

  • Recruit and retain students
  • Build and engage community partners
  • Inform and engage employees and alumni
  • Expand friends and raise funds

In addition, the IACE team aligns college initiatives and efforts with Maricopa District and Foundation goals and activities, toward achieving the broader fundraising goals of:

  • Student success - expanding access to and supporting completion of a college education.
  • Faculty and staff innovation, creativity and excellence - improving and enhancing learning experiences.
  • Community partnerships - maintaining relationships with people, organizations, and companies who can support SCC's mission of providing a quality education at an affordable cost.

The IACE team protects and enhances SCC's image by ensuring that all print, digital and other college materials and imagery conform to the college's brand standards as outlined in the SCC Style Guide.