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Hiring Checklist

Checklist for Hiring Managers


  • Receive approvals to hire from Supervisor/VP and fiscal prior to contacting HR
  • Confirm position number – if this is a new position work with HR to request a new position number
  • Submit a request to HR to begin the search process
  • Recruit Screeners and Interviewers for the Hiring Committee and ensure their availability for the required timelines for their roles

Search plan

  • Determine priorities regarding qualifications for the position and communicate those clearly to the Hiring Team
  • Identify the recruitment timeline
  • Identify Interview/Assessment Structure and Scoring Rubric
  • Develop Interview Questions
  • Outline Outreach and Recruitment Advertising Plan with HR
  • Confirm members of the Hiring Committee
  • Assigns clerical support for the Search Committee (as needed)
  • A member of the HR recruiting team will contact you to discuss the search plan in depth and together you will finalize all rubrics for any assessments and desired qualifications prior to posting.

Hiring Committee

  • Assemble a diverse hiring committee - Diversity should include:
    • Race, ethnicity, gender, gender identify, age
    • Years with MCCCD and type of work experience
    • Different employee groups
    • Different disciplines than the position being hired
    • Different colleges/sites/district office
    • Stakeholders such as support staff, part-time or full-time faculty
    • Community members or advisory board members
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) representation
  • Ensure confidentiality and equal opportunity requirements are strictly adhered to.
  • Facilitate and schedule time for search committee screening and meetings.
  • Scheduled adequate time for committee training


  • Manage the screening process
  • Facilitate and lead meetings and discussions during the Screening process
  • Ensures that applicant materials are evaluated (in writing) based on agreed upon criteria.
  • Return screening results and Candidate Interview Selection form to HR

First and Second Interviews

  • Manage the interview process
  • Facilitate and lead Search Committee meeting discussions
  • Schedule second interviews and discuss reference checks with HR
  • Consult with HR to:  Identify a preferred candidate or discuss next options if a preferred candidate cannot be identified.
  • Write a Candidate Recommendation Summary supporting hiring choice for preferred candidate
  • Return Interview materials and scores to HR

Reference checks

  • Conduct reference checks prior to final interviews
  • Confirm the candidate has consented to obtaining reference checks with HR prior to obtaining references
  • Be flexible with final candidates on whether their immediate supervisor is contacted during this initial stage of reference checks.
  • If an immediate supervisor wasn’t included in initial reference checks to protect confidentiality, conduct a final reference check with an immediate supervisor of preferred candidate

Preferred Candidate

  • Return all search process materials to HR
  • Ensure a Preferred Candidate Form has been completed and submitted to HR
  • Discuss start dates with HR


  • Ensure supervisor is aware of the pending start date if different than Hiring Manager
  • Consult Onboarding checklist for supervisors
  • Send the new employee a welcome letter (HR has a template available)