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Music Department

Scottsdale Community College Department of Music has a vision of student-centered learning and success. We are committed to serving our diverse community by offering a high quality musical experience through classroom, private instruction, and performance opportunities. Our comprehensive course offerings serve students who are music majors, as well as those who enroll to meet college requirements, or for personal interest.

In addition to traditional music courses, Scottsdale Community College also offers an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in today's music industry. These programs provide an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Audio Production Technologies and Music Business. Scottsdale Community College Department of Music offers comprehensive educational and support classes that enable students to achieve their academic and personal potential.

Summer 2020 Jazz Piano

A sneak peek for those interested in the jazz piano group skills classes at Scottsdale Community College this 2020 summer term. The course will be entirely online and will be a mix of self-paced learning and individual zoom conferences with the instructor. Materials will come from a new workbook written by Michael Kocour, Arizona State University's director of jazz studies.

For those planning to study jazz at ASU or another university, this course will give you the transfer credit and skills to test out of jazz piano skills classes if you learn the material thoroughly.

To sign up, visit

Scottsdale Community College Summer 2020
Instructor - Wiggins

  • MUP 130 - New beginner
  • MUP 131 - New to piano but previous music training
  • MUP 132 - Have previous piano skills or jazz training
  • MUP 231 - Those with previous jazz piano study
  • MUP 232 - Advanced students

Hope to see work with some of you in the class!

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