English World Languages Journalism

English, World Languages, and Journalism

A full selection of English, world languages & journalism courses

The English Department includes all English Classes (ENG), English Humanities classes (ENH), Creative Writing classes (CRW), English as a Second Language classes (ESL), Critical Reading classes (CRE), and Reading classes (RDG).

World Languages currently offers language courses in Spanish (SPA), Italian (ITA), and American Sign Language (SLG).

The division also offers a very exciting Journalism Program that includes a wide variety of Journalism classes (JRN), Mass Communication classes (MCO) and is the home to the SCC's student newspaper Northeast Valley News.

Every member of the English, World Language & Journalism Division is focused on helping our students succeed. We are very proud to provide free tutoring to students through the Writing Center, which is located in the Language & Communication Building. Please feel free to contact us or stop by for additional class or program information.