Foundations of Community Health Work

This award is not eligible for Financial Aid

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Foundations of Community Health Work program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level employment as health navigators or community health workers in a variety of health industries, including public health, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and non-profit agencies that serve the community. Through this certificate, students will learn to support diverse client populations and connect them with appropriate health resources and services through the application of communication, relationship-building, education, assessment and outreach, service coordination, and advocacy skills in the community health setting.

This is a Fast Track Certificate, which can be completed in two semesters or less.


Field of Interest
Health Sciences
Degree Type
Certificate of Completion (CCL)
Academic Plan
Foundations of Community Health Work (CER)
Academic Plan Code
Total credits required
Effective Term
Fall 2023
Admissions criteria

1. Formal application and admission to the program.
2. Background check requirements: Admission to an Allied Health program requires that students be in compliance with the Maricopa County Community College District Background Check Standards. Upon conditional program enrollment, the student must comply with all requirements of the MCCCD Background Check Policy and drug testing protocols.
3. Clinical health and safety requirements must be met. Upon conditional program enrollment, the student must comply with all requirements of the MCCCD Clinical Health and Safety Policy.
4. Inability to comply with background check requirements and/or clinical health and safety requirements at the start of classes may result in cancellation of enrollment.


This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.
Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program.

What You'll Learn
  • Explain the role of community health workers in providing direct services and cultural mediation among individuals, communities, and social service systems. (IPH105, IPH275)
  • Describe basic public health concepts and key community health issues. (HES100, HES210, IPH112, IPH205)
  • Develop communication skills important in community health settings. (IPH105, IPH112, IPH205, IPH275)
  • Demonstrate the ability to collect, summarize, and disseminate health information and community health resources. (IPH105, IPH112, IPH205, IPH275)
  • Practice collaboration and communication techniques to provide culturally appropriate coaching, social support, and health education. (HES100, HES210, IPH105, IPH112, IPH275)
  • Employ learner-centered educational techniques in individual and group settings. (IPH105, IPH112, IPH205, IPH275)
  • Participate in individual and community health assessments. (HES100, IPH105, IPH112, IPH205, IPH275)
  • Practice care coordination, case management, and health and social service system navigation. (IPH105, PH275)
  • Utilize capacity-building and advocacy strategies at the individual and community level. (IPH105, IPH275)
  • Apply basic public health research and evaluation skills. (HES100, IPH112, IPH205)
  • Demonstrate entry-level proficiency in CHW core competencies for working effectively with diverse individuals, groups, and communities. (IPH105, IPH275)
  • Demonstrate the professional skills and conduct required for community health workers. (HES100, IPH105, IPH112, IPH275)
Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
HES100Healthful Living (3) OR
HES210Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness (3)3
IPH105Introduction to Patient Navigation3
IPH112Community-Based Health Education in Health and Illness3
IPH205Chronic Disease Management2
IPH275Patient Navigator Practicum1

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