Internships: Forms and Downloads

Resources for Students, Faculty and Employers

Resources you'll need for internships can be found below.


Faculty need to request a NEW Educational Experience Partner Agreement (EEPA) by filling out the EEPA Form.

New EEPA Request Form

Faculty Internship Forms

  • 1-2-3 Steps for Hosting an SCC Intern (Employers and Faculty)
    (This is the complete packet which includes the Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 forms.)
  • Faculty Internship Roadmap
  • Promote Internships
  • Step 1: Request an SCC Intern
  • Step 2: Partnership for Success
  • Step 3: Dates & Deliverables


Seeking an SCC intern? Employers need to request an SCC Intern by filling out the Employer Form.

Seeking an Intern Form

Employer Internship Forms

  • Fact Sheet on SCC Internships (Coming soon!)
  • Feedback Form (Coming soon!)


Student Internship Forms

  • Student Internship Roadmap (Coming soon!)
  • Time Log (Coming soon!)