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SCC Promoting an Inclusive Community (SPAIC)


SPAIC is a nonpartisan committee whose mission is to strive for a healthy and prosperous society that promotes all people having equitable access and opportunity. We build awareness, solutions, and leadership for social justice by generating transformative ideas, information, and experiences.

Mission Statement

Our charge is to:

  • Provide opportunities to explore, learn and share information and provide opportunities that will support our campus; to include Students, Staff and Faculty.
  • Build a campus that is committed to engaging the voices and respecting the humanity of all people.
  • Support growth in diversity.
  • Create space at the table for all groups to contribute.
  • Encourage ideas of justice, accountability, community, and social change.
  • Celebrate the gifts of diversity, equity, and inclusion, understanding that together we are better and richer as a community of wholeness than just the sum of our individual parts.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where society and its systems are just, fair, and inclusive. Earnest dialogue and active listening are keys to challenging our assumptions and understanding those who are different from us, thus enabling all people to participate and reach their full potential. We strive to be leaders where the culture and commitment created by our multi-racial and diverse staff supports individual and organizational excellence and sustainability.

Statements of Solidarity


Interested in self-reflection? Here are some resources to get you started: