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CNUW Biodiversity Tours

We are currently scheduling 4th grade biodiversity tours for the Fall 2021 school year at the Center for Native and Urban Wildlife at SCC. Book a time slot here.

Education Today, Preservation Forever

Field trips can be memorable and transformative experiences for students. Give your class a chance to get outside of the classroom to encounter animals up close and learn why we should care about preserving Sonoran Desert biodiversity.

CNUW 4th Grade Tour

We currently offer a 3.5 hour program for 4th grade classes that targets one-third of the Arizona science education standards. Students will visit our Nature Center, Wildlife Demonstration Gardens, and the Hall of Biodiversity Past. Each stop includes activities, presentations, and thought-provoking questions. Bring your lunches and eat on campus to wrap up the trip.

If an on-site field trip is not practical, please consider one of our Traveling Programs or a Virtual Field Trip.

Do you have a love for Sonoran Desert plants and animals, and a willingness to help foster that appreciation in the next generation? If you have free time on Tuesday mornings then please consider joining us to help with tours. Contact