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Scheduling - Frequently Asked Questions

SCC Facilities Scheduling Services

Indigenous Cultural Center (ICC), ICC-303
9000 E. Chaparral Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256-2626
Service Email:
Telephone: (480) 423-6417

Monday - Friday: 8am - 3pm during Fall & Spring
Monday-Thursday: 8am - 3pm during Summer Schedule
Closed on Fridays during the Summer Schedule
Closed on Weekends, Holidays, and other Campus Closure

Support and periodic training workshops are offered for requesters, schedulers, and approvers. Please contact to request training.

The Maricopa Community Colleges Scheduling System is a web-based system - 25Live. The link for the SCC Calendar site is available for all scheduling needs. All Faculty and Staff submit all event and vehicle all requests via the Event Form in 25Live. You may access this site from both on campus and off campus:

The Edit Form is how to request space, equipment, and services in 25Live. Please make sure to Sign In to 25Live using your MEID and Email password to view any user preferences you set, and to request your events.

25Live is a web-based scheduling and event publishing product developed by CollegeNET. The software package provides one centralized scheduling system, and data repository for events held at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges, yet allows individual users to maintain some of their personal scheduling preferences. 25Live enables users to view event information and request the use of space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet capability.

25Live can be viewed by any MCCCD employee with an MEID. The default view allows users access to view basic event and location information, request the use of space and resources, and view user preferences, and is only available after logging into the system with a valid MEID and password.

25Live is the only MCCCD recognized tool to schedule events and request the use of space, services, equipment, or fleet vehicles.

25Live is the system of record on campus, as well as District wide, and is used by all requesters, schedulers, service providers, help desk personnel, and dispatchers. It is the only recognized tool for obtaining services, reserving space or fleet vehicles, publicizing events, obtain space utilization data, and for safety and security purposes.

All space on campus may be requested for use, as all space is institutionally owned. However, many of the locations on campus are managed departmentally, are restricted for specific use only, or may not be accessible to the public. Requests for departmental space will be routed to the authorized space approver within 25Live. View the location detail to see if a location is departmental.

Requests may be submitted at any time. We may keep the request in our queue and process at a later date. Requests for activities occurring the same day as the request date will not be considered for scheduling.

  1. Simply Log in to 25Live with your MEID and EMAIL PASSWORD credentials.
  2. Use the Find Available Locations options to locate available space or vehicle. Activate the Event form by choosing an available space
  3. Jump to the Event Form link at the top right. 
  4. Complete the fields in the form, and click Save.
  5. Star your request to save on Your Starred Events dashboard. 

There are instructions highlighted above every Event Form field to provide additional instructions. Star your organization, spaces, resources, and EVENTS to save your personal preferences for next time.
One of the college schedulers will review your requests, and send you a confirmation when all of your arrangements have been secured. This functionality streamlines all of your scheduling tasks into one program where you may check availability, view activities on campus, view and print your own confirmations, make requests for space and services, and find the important information you need for scheduling.

In the dates/time field of the Event Wizard form, check the "Repeating Pattern" button and select Ad Hoc from the drop down menu in the pop up window. Click Select Pattern. A calendar will open for you to select all your dates. As long as the meeting series is for the same TIME of day, you may use this feature. If your times are different, a separate request should be completed.

** It is recommended to always use the Ad Hoc option, only, for additional dates. This prevents the system from automatically selecting holidays or dates when the college is closed, and allows the requester complete flexibility to choose the dates the events are actually occurring.
**Please only submit a repeat meeting request for dates within 365 days from the current date. 
**Please omit dates that the Registrar’s Calendar shows as a holiday, school break, or special event date in which no other activities may meet on campus. If you are meeting on that date, please add a comment so the scheduling office does not cancel the date.

If the Location chosen shows a Reserve Available or Unavailable notation, click on the Conflict Details for more information regrading the existing conflict. For multi date events, the conflict may not affect all of the dates requested, and will allow you to choose the Reserve Available option. Go to "View Occurrences" on your location field to view all your dates. Uncheck the dates in red (conflicting), and chose another location for those dates. You may also remove the conflicting dates, if you decide not to meet on those under the event date selection fields. 

You may jump to the location by clicking on the bold location name, and then viewing the availability for the DATE you are requesting. This grid will provide a clear picture of available times in WHITE and conflicts in GREEN.