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Mentoring Program

Be a mentor or mentee.

Veteran's Mentoring Program

Mentor Application  |  Mentee Application

Mentor Responsibilities:
  • Meet regularly with their mentees on campus or via e-mail
  • Discuss topics related to Veteran benefits and other resources
  • Serve as a resource to assist mentees with navigating SCC
  • Introduce mentees to various useful campus and VA services
  • Offer support and feed back on issues such as:
    • Career and academic goals (Faculty and Staff mentors only)
    • Balancing work and family life
    • Staying motivated and focused
    • Building professional networks
    • Building a positive first impression
Mentee Responsibilities:
  • Meet with an academic advisor and devise an Education Plan for graduation
  • Schedule study time at the Tutoring and Learning Centers
  • Meet with your mentor at least once a month for academic and ‘life’ support
  • Provide ongoing e-mail communication with mentor on key dates, deadlines and other important information