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Student Health Insurance

Student Accident Insurance Plan
(provided without charge to all students of the Maricopa Community Colleges)

The following is a brief summary of our student insurance plans. The master policies contain complete details of the provisions, limitations, and exclusions and will prevail at all times.

Education is expensive—and so are accidents. To protect students against the financial burden of medical expenses resulting from an accident, the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) provides its students with Student Accident Insurance. Every MCCCD student is automatically insured and the cost for the insurance is covered in the student-activity fee.

  • Coverage applies only to College-related accidents.
  • Coverage applies to students registered in day or evening classes and who are enrolled in an approved credit or non-credit class at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges.
  • Description of coverage: 
    This plan covers accidents on an excess insurance basis occurring only while the eligible student is:
    • Attending class during the hours when college is in session;
    • Traveling for regular class sessions, directly to or from home and college other than by motorized vehicle, but not longer than one hour before class commences or one hour after class is dismissed, or for the time required when traveling in a vehicle authorized and furnished by the college. No coverage is provided for any motorized vehicle not supervised and provided by the College/MCCCD;
    • Participating in or attending an activity exclusively sponsored, calendared and supervised by the College; traveling to and from the activity in an authorized vehicle.

This plan also covers children of properly enrolled and registered students and staff members of the College while they are authorized to use, and only while they are using, the officially designated childcare facility on or off campus.

Description Summary

Basic Policy - School Trips

  • Day trips only
  • School supervised/approved/sponsored
  • Classroom activity
  • College vans/cars only—personal autos while in a caravan situation are covered if the caravan falls into the specifications set forth by MCCCD, and the caravan must be supervised by the College
  • Per vehicle auto limit is $10,000
  • Direct travel (uninterrupted route) from Point A to Point B; however, for extended trips, can stop on way to Point B for gas/food/restroom if stops are on "direct route" to Point B
  • Club activities (day only) are covered if sponsored/supervised/approved by College
Expanded Medical Benefit - Intercollegiate Athletes Only
  • Heat-related conditions are covered
  • Bee stings are covered for the removal of the stinger only; any follow-up visits or allergic reactions are not covered
  • Snake bites are covered to cleanse puncture wound and the administration of an antitoxin only; any follow up visits or allergic reactions are not covered
Special Risk District Tripster
  • School sponsored/supervised/approved trips
  • Overnight trips only
  • Sickness benefit available only for overnight trips
  • Medical Evacuation/Repatriation only available for out-of-country trips
  • Club activities excluded unless sponsored/supervised/approved by College
  • College cans/cars only—personal autos while in a caravan situation are covered if the caravan falls into the specifications set forth by MCCCD and the caravan must be supervised by the College
  • Direct travel from Point A to Point B—may stop for gas/food/restroom if on "direct route" to Point B—no side trips
Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan
(Optional Insurance)

As the cost of medical care escalates, unexpected medical-care expenses can put an end to a student's plan for college. To guard against this, MCCCD makes available a Student Accident and Insurance Plan. This plan was selected because it provides the best coverage at the greatest savings. Students who do not have accident and sickness insurance coverage are urged to consider this optional plan at their own expense.

  • All students currently enrolled in a class at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges or Skill Centers are eligible to purchase this insurance.
  • Students may also insure their eligible dependents who are (1) the insured student's spouse resident with the insured students; (2) the insured student's unmarried children, under age 19, who are not self-supporting and resident with the insured.
    • Students who insure their dependents must enroll them for the same term of coverage for which the insured student enrolls.
    • Dependent coverage (except for newborn infants) must be applied for at the same time the student enrolls.

For additional information please visit the Maricopa Community College District Site.