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Silver Sneakers Program

Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is designed to address the main areas of disease/disability in the older-adult population, including:

Beginning and keeping good health habits is key to helping control diabetes type 2. Walking, stair-climbing, low-impact activities, and weight training are some exercises recommended for older adults at risk.
Exercise and diet help manage hypertension. Some exercises recommended for hypertension include brisk walking, moderate aerobic classes, and low-impact activities.
Exercise has been shown to be as effective as medication in reducing depression symptoms among patients with major depressive disorder and has been associated with lower relapse rates.
Tobacco Cessation
Exercise has been shown effective in short- and longer-term smoking cessation rates. It is also effective in minimizing weight gain among those who quit tobacco use.
Weight Management
Exercises that have shown benefit in obese adults include brisk walking and strength training.
Congestive Heart Failure
Exercise training is associated with improved symptoms, exercise capacity, and functional well-being in patients with CHF. Optimal results may be achieved when exercise is combined with peer-group support and health education regarding lifestyle changes.
Exercises that focus on bone health include weight-bearing and resistance exercises such as walking, stair climbing, low-impact activities, and weight training.
Aerobic and resistance exercises such as walking and weight-training are effective in reducing pain, improving range of motion, and reducing disability.