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Conversation Partners Program

Bringing Cultures together — Helping each other to practice languages through native speakers

Be a part of this exciting program for all currently-enrolled students! In an informal one-on-one setting, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your language skills while also learning about other cultures. International and American students are matched up and then meet on a one-on-one basis about once a week to exchange culture and practice their language, listening, and speaking skills. It’s not uncommon for friendships to develop and the meetings to continue even after the semester is over.

Expand your horizons and sign up today!

  • Provides a platform for international and American students to make friends
  • Increases knowledge and understanding about other cultures
  • Allows students to practice speaking English and foreign languages with native speakers
  • Enhances perfomance in foreign language classes
  • Improves résumé for jobs, college, and scholarship applications
  • Provides informal one-on-one and group get-togethers

What faculty have to say about CPP:

"The program is integral to meeting the social and educational needs of our all of our students. International students may struggle with issues including language proficiency, cultural assimilation, homesickness, and unfamiliarity with US educational methods and expectations; U.S. students may be deficient in their understanding of other languages and cultures. The Conversation Partner Program provides a win-win situation for both populations, strengthening bonds between people, cultures, and nations."
Darrell Copp, Communications Faculty

"I recommend the Conversation Partner Program to all my ESL students. This is why. I lived for four years in Italy and took Italian classes from an instructor who knew of a woman who spoke some English but who wanted more practice speaking it. Weekly, I would spend 30 minutes listening and correcting her English, and for 30 minutes she listened and corrected my Italian. It was through this collaboration that I actually began speaking. This is exactly what Conversation Partners is all about!"
Jean Maracle, ESL Faculty