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Clubs & Organizations

Pick a club, any club! Below you'll find a list of Scottsdale Community College's more than 20 student clubs and organizations, along with a description, the advisor's name and contact information. If you're interested in getting involved in any of them, then just contact the advisor and ask when and where their next meeting is. And, if you don't see one you like here, stop by our office, so we can help you get one started!

Also available to student clubs and organizations at SCC is our Student and Organization Resource Center. In it you'll find work and storage space, a computer and printer, a poster machine, the Leadership Library, and tons more. Come by and plug in to your SCC Service-learning & Leadership resources!

Interested in the Club Handbook? Please give us a call at (480) 423-6590, to request the latest copy.

Don't see the club you like? Or, just want to start one of your own?  The staff at the Civic and Global Engagement Office is available to assist you with this process.

Please stop by SC-185, or reach us by phone or e-mail. And, good luck!

Clubs & Organizations
The club’s purpose is to promote leadership, scholarship, and professional development among American Indian students, while creating a better understanding of the American Indian Nations and cultural awareness.
Advisor: Winona Thirion (480) 423-6514
The club’s purpose is to create a network of SCC students, faculty, and staff interested in aiding the variety of animals that live naturally or have been abandoned on the SCC campus.
Advisor: Patricia Dueck (480) 423-6594
The club’s purpose is to support and advocate hands-on experiences for students looking to serve, learn and lead. The organization will help provide and promote service to consciousness of the social challenges that exist within our local, state, national and global communities through the facilitation of service projects, donation drives and awareness events. The club believes in collaborative efforts among our fellow students and college departments and community partners to create opportunities for education and change.
Co-advisors: Becky Bradley and Laurie McCune (480) 423-6545
The club’s purpose is to participate, promote and support SCC Theatre Arts activities. It also serves to broaden the theatre experience in a creative environment and provide opportunities for growth as theatre artists to all of its members.
Advisor: Amanda Embry (480) 423-6355
The club’s purpose is to form a social unit of SCC students who are interested in developing greater awareness of the contributions of Blacks to the American society, 2) form a network by which members of the clubs may become better informed about activities and programs that may be of benefit to the members, 3) provide a forum in which students may discuss social and academic problems and discover means of solving these, and 4) secure local and national Black leaders to speak to the student at SCC.
Advisor: Darrell Dawson (480) 423-6630
The club’s purpose is to bring students, faculty and the community together to learn about biodiversity and foster stewardship of the plants and animals in our environment. CNUW projects include educational programs, museum tours, field trips, camping, hiking, research, and restoration work (re-planting plants).
Advisor: Edward Weigand (480) 423-6731
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.
Collegiate DECA at SCC’s Mission Statement

To give students the opportunity to develop professional and leadership skills for future business careers by developing relationships with business organizations, participating in fund-raising and community service activities, and entering Collegiate DECA competitions at the state and national level.

Open to all students:
  • Collegiate DECA holds monthly General Meetings, where we host professional speakers, hold networking activities, and practice competitive events.
  • Collegiate DECA participates in one community service activity each semester, such as volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Collegiate DECA participates in one fund raising activity each semester.
  • Collegiate DECA participates in at least one activity with all other Arizona Collegiate DECA clubs.
Open to members only:
  • Collegiate DECA takes monthly industry tours of large employers in our community, such as Republic Services, Taser, Edward Jones, Ernst & Young, and APS.
  • Collegiate DECA attends one state conference each semester, where they attend workshops, listen to speakers, and compete in academic competitions.
Advisor: Susan Sandblom (480) 425-6792
The club’s purpose is to enhance social interactions through the use of an electronic medium known as video games.
Advisor: Gerald Thurman (480) 423-6110
The club’s purpose is to provide experiences in living and working together as an international/ intercultural community. For meeting dates and times, please contact the advisors.
Advisors: Jeff Ortiz (480) 423-6465 and Nikki Serafinv(480) 425-6711
The club’s purpose is to engage hotel, restaurant management and culinary art students who have a desire for building a career in the hospitality and tourism industry.
Advisor: Janelle Hoffman (480) 423-6260
The club’s purpose is to focus on women's empowerment and role in society, to help women maintain courage through challenges, to gain knowledge and insight from inspirational speakers and discussions, and to participate in community service and leadership events.
Advisor: Mevin Joshi (602) 989-5858
The club’s purpose is to learn and practice American Kenpo Karate, achieve a level of self-confidence, and promote an ethical and moral sense of being and good judgment in extra-ordinary situations.
Advisor: Curtis Kipp (480) 423-6250
The club’s purpose is to unify SCC students interested in Latino culture and issues. It promotes and supports academic excellence and the pride that accompanies the knowledge of self and culture.
Advisor: Aaron Torres (480) 425-6386
The M.E.N. chapter at SCC is committed to working collectively and responsibly to meet the lifelong learning needs of our diverse male student population.
Advisor: Aaron Torres (480) 425-6386
The club’s purpose is to promote a positive relationship between SCC students and the surrounding Phoenix area music industry in order to create real world experiences and opportunities for its members.
Advisor: Ron Marschall (480) 423-6466
The purpose of the club is to provide creative problem-solving for its members in order to apply their past experiences and learned knowledge in competitions. The SCC Odyssey of the Mind Team competes in local, regional and national competitions.
Advisor: Ted Georgas (480) 423-6176
The club’s purpose is to offer students and the campus community the opportunity to experience a variety of outdoor activities. Community service and outdoor survival training may be included in the semester’s activities.
Advisor: Dave Brown (480) 423-6617
This organization is the honor society for the two-year college. Membership is extended to students who have completed 12 credits hours in 100-level or higher coursework and maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA. The four guiding hallmarks are scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.
Advisor: Roberto Ribas (480) 423-6775
The club’s purpose it to enhance the student’s understanding of the present and future scope of the interior design practice.
Advisor: Gera King (480) 423-6442
The chess club is a place for students to meet people, play chess, and learn more about the game. All ability levels are welcome to join the chess club. Meetings are typically once a week for about an hour. Hope to see you there!
Advisor: John Ellis (480) 423-6414
The club’s purpose is to forge an on-campus community among creative study students. The long-term goal is to connect directly with the local Scottsdale professional community in a mentoring & project-based relationship.
Advisor: Peggy Deal (480) 423-6344
The club’s purpose is to promote awareness of the recycling program on campus; to encourage students, faculty, and staff to use the recycle bins; to foster dialogue on environmental and sustainability issues; to develop ways to improve use of consumable resources on campus; to collaborate with the sister clubs at other MCCCD colleges, as well as organizations in the community on sustainability projects; and, finally, to organize sustainability-related events including guest speakers and presentations.
Advisor: Thomas Williams (480) 425-6928
The club’s purpose is to promote critical thinking, academic awareness, and intellectual growth in an environment of rational discourse. It will provide a forum of philosophical discussion, cross-disciplinary correspondence, and facilitate students’ search for meaning and understanding in life.
Advisor: Mevin Joshi (602) 989-5858
The club’s purpose is to foster a broad student interest in math and science through robotics. This shall include the development of expertise in the design/construction/programming/operation of mobile robots, and the use of that expertise to a) compete in selected robotic events and b) mentor youth organizations interested in robotics.
Advisors: Michael Little Crow (480) 423-6579 and Bill Johnson (480) 342-9240
The club’s purpose is to promote college spirit and to establish and maintain fellowship among veterans and student of this campus.
Advisor: Erica Stanton (480) 423-6088
The club’s purpose is to provide a safe place for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Straight students to meet, support, and discuss related issues.
Advisor: Tim Larey (480) 423-6667
The club’s purpose is to promote interest in Jesus Christ, to provide fellowship among students and faculty, to represent student needs and wants in regard to the visibility and role of Christianity, to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the college community, and to assist students in discovering their full potential as contributing members of the college community and society.
Advisors: Dilip Kumar (480) 423-6209 and Suzette Schlapkohl (480) 423-6413
The club’s purpose is to serve as the official voice of the SCC students and to provide opportunities for growth in leadership skills and self-awareness for its members. The club meets every Thursday at Noon.
Advisors: Therese Tendick (480) 423-6722 and Jen Sydow (480) 423-6724
The club’s purpose is to enhance cultural awareness while promoting, planning, and integrating school and community activities that stimulate the growth of American Indian students.
Advisor: Winona Thirion (480) 423-6514