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Center for Civic and Global Engagement

The Center for Civic and Global Engagement provides many student resources and leadership opportunities for all of our students at SCC. Here we believe that your campus experience and education can far exceed your time in the classroom. Statistically it has been shown that students that are engaged in clubs and organization, leadership classes and retreats, as far as, and including, community services activities have excelled in business and in life.

Check out our list of resources below and see if there is something that fits for you!

  1. College Transit Subsidy Program for Faculty, Staff & Students

    Stop by the office to receive a bus pass TODAY!

    Eligibility requirements:

    1. Local or Express pass must be enrolled at the time of purchase in a minimum of 3 credits at SCC.
    2. Semester Pass must be enrolled at the time of purchase in a minimum of 12 credits at SCC.
    3. Must commute to campus at least one/day/week via bus or light rail.
    4. Must document residency status in accordance with Proposition 300 and HB 2008. *Change in policy: Effective July 1, if you are a continuing student you must sign a declaration in compliance with HB 2008. Please go to Admissions and Records to sign this form.
  2. Housing
    While SCC does not have on-campus housing, a bulletin board in the Student Center's Cafeteria hallway provides posting for students looking for housing or roommates. These postings must be stamped in the Student Life & Leadership Office. No screening is provided. **It is advisable that students personally inspect any accommodations or request references before entering into housing arrangements. For apartment locating services please contact Steve with Valley King directly at (623) 455-2785.
  3. Student Accident & Health Insurance
    Brochures on available student accident and health insurance plans can be picked up in the office. Plans are valid for students at all Maricopa Colleges and underwritten by a reputable company. Please refer to the district policy at
  4. Leadership Library
    Lead, follow, and check out our Leadership Library! We have many great resources on leadership, team building, meeting facilitation, community service with more on the way! These items are available for check-out through the Student Life & Leadership Office. Help you and your teams get a jump start on leadership!
  5. Phone, FAX, Copy & More!
    FREE to students is the use of a phone for local calls, a copier for limited and office-approved copies, and a FAX machine. You'll also find a refrigerator for you to keep your breakfast, lunch or dinner cold, and a microwave to heat it up!
  6. Student ID Cards
    Student ID Cards are available to students beginning one (1) week prior to your first day of class. Come by the Center for Civic and Global Engagement office with a picture ID and your Student ID Number. Your first ID card is FREE; replacement cards are $2.
  7. Calculator Rentals
    Calculators can be rented through the Media Center in the IT Department.
  8. Voter Registration

    Voter registration forms are available to you in the Student Life & Leadership Office. Or, to register on-line, please visit the Secretary of State's Web Page

    To be eligible to vote in Arizona, you must be:

    • A citizen of the United States
    • 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election
    • A resident of Arizona for 29 days preceding the election
    • Able to write his or her name or make his or her mark (unless physically disabled)
    • Not convicted of a felony or treason (unless restored to civil rights)
    • Not adjudicated an incapacitated person (see A.R.S. 14-5101)