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Disclosure of Safety Policies and Annual Crime Statistics

The information contained in the Annual Security Report was prepared under the guidelines established by 20 United States Code, section 1092(f), known as the “Jeanne Clery, Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act,” (The Clery Act) and the Code of Federal Regulations. The information represents a general description of Scottsdale Community College’s security/safety policies and programs, and the crime statistics for the most recent calendar year and the two preceding calendar years; however, the information is not intended to serve as a contractual agreement between the college and the recipient. 

Preparing the Annual Security Report:

SCC Department of Public Safety, under direction of the Police Commander, has the responsibility of gathering the data used to prepare the annual campus Security Report. The data is obtained from reports made to the SCC Public Safety Department, the Salt River Police Department, the Scottsdale Police Department and SCC Campus Security Authorities. Campus crime data is gathered and compared with data received from the Salt River Police Department, the Scottsdale Police Department. The resulting data is used to prepare the annual crime statistics report.

The Annual Security Report may be viewed here.

Scottsdale Community College’s Annual Crime Statistics:

The statistics listed in the Annual Security Report, were gathered in accordance with the guidelines established under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 U.S.C. §1092(f)) (The Clery Act). The crime definitions outlined in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Incident Based Reporting System, as modified by the Hate Crime Statistics Act, were utilized in compiling the numbers.

Registered Sex Offenders:

Sex offender registry information is not maintained by the SCC Department of Public Safety. Law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained by visiting Arizona Sex Offender Registry at  the following link:


If you have concerns or need more information about security policies and safety at Scottsdale Community College, please contact the Public Safety Commander at (480) 423-6510.