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CCL - Small Business Management

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Small Business Management is designed to prepare students to start up, organize and manage a small business operation. Areas of emphasis include effective management, utilization of resources, development of customer service culture, and marketing. An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Business with a specialization in Small Business Management is also available.
Major Code: 5518
Award: CCL
First Term: 4082
Total Credits: 24-25
Last Updated: May 20th, 2013
Required Courses: 23
GBS120 Workplace Communication Skills 3
GBS205 Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business 3
MGT109 Development of Professional Skills and Standards 3
MGT251 Human Relations in Business 3
SBS200 Small Business Operations 2
SBS202 Small Business Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation 1
SBS203 Financing and Cash Management for a Small Business 1
SBS204 Small Business Marketing and Advertising 2
SBS213 Hiring and Managing Employees 1
SBS214 Small Business Customer Relations 1
SBS218 Establishing an Import/Export Business 1
SBS220 Internet Marketing for Small Business 2
Restricted Electives: 1-2 Credits
SBS+++++ Any SBS Small Business Management prefixed course except
Courses used to satisfy Required Courses. 1-2
Free Electives: None
General Education: None
General Education Core: None
First-Year Composition: None
Critical Reading: None
Oral Communication: None
Mathematics: None
General Education Distributed: None
Humanities and Fine Arts: None
Social and Behavioral Sciences: None
Natural Sciences: None
Program Competencies:
  1. Demonstrate appropriate and effective written and oral communication skills in a variety of workplace situations. (GBS120)
  2. Identify and describe contemporary legal issues, ethical issues and the regulatory climate and
  3. explain how these factors affect business policies and decisions.(GBS205)
  4. Identify and describe a variety of professional skills and standards and demonstrate appropriate use of these skills in selected organizational settings. (MGT109)
  5. Analyze human relation factors which occur in business organizations and describe techniques that may be used to address human relations challenges within an organization. (MGT251)
  6. Apply problem-solving approaches to operational problems affecting a small business. (SBS200)
  7. Identify, describe and apply accounting, record keeping and tax preparation skills necessary for the management of a small business. (SBS202)
  8. Complete a financial plan for a small business with emphasis on cost controls, sales revenue projection, expense allocation and inventory cost control. (SBS203)
  9. Design a marketing and advertising plan for a selected small business. (SBS204)
  10. Identify and describe techniques and methods used in the effective hiring, training and management of employees in a small business setting. (SBS213)
  11. Create a plan for developing and retaining customer loyalty and describe strategies for dealing with dissatisfied customers and improving customers' perceptions. (SBS214)
  12. Identify and describe effective marketing and management strategies for exporting/ importing products and services for a small business. (SBS218)
  13. Present an overview of the Internet as a marketing tool for a small business and develop strategies to market selected products/services on the Internet. (SBS220)