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CCL - Retail Management and Marketing

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Retail Management and Marketing is designed to train students for careers in the retail clothing business: selling, merchandising and buying. The program requirements include components of management, communications, merchandise presentation, and small business development. An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business with a specialization in Retail Management and Marketing is also available.
Major Code: 5517
Award: CCL
First Term: 4062
Total Credits: 30
Last Updated: May 20th, 2013
Required Courses: 30
GBS120 Workplace Communication Skills (3) OR
GBS233 Business Communication (3) 3
GBS131 Business Calculations 3
MGT101 Techniques of Supervision 3
MGT253 Owning and Operating a Small Business 3
MKT/TEC109 Introduction to Fashion Merchandising 3
MKT/TEC151 Display and Visual Merchandising 3
MKT/TEC200 Retail Buying 3
MKT267 Principles of Salesmanship 3
MKT268 Merchandising 3
MKT210 Applied Marketing Strategies (3) OR
MKT271 Principles of Marketing (3) 3
Restricted Electives: None
Free Electives: None
General Education: None
General Education Core: None
First-Year Composition: None
Critical Reading: None
Oral Communication: None
Mathematics: None
General Education Distributed: None
Humanities and Fine Arts: None
Social and Behavioral Sciences: None
Natural Sciences: None
Program Competencies:
  1. Demonstrate appropriate and effective written and oral communication skills in a variety of workplace situations. (GBS120 OR GBS233)
  2. Apply mathematical concepts to a variety of business situations. (GBS131)
  3. Identify the skills needed to train, motivate, and evaluate personnel in the retail and fashion industries, and describe the functions of planning, organizing, and staffing. (MGT101)
  4. Outline the principles and procedures involved in starting, organizing and operating
  5. a small business. (MGT253)
  6. Examine the fashion industry and describe the fundamentals of merchandising apparel and consumer's influence on demand and marketing activities. (MKT/TEC109)
  7. Identify and describe the essential activities involved in the retail merchandising of fashion goods. (MKT/TEC109)
  8. Plan, organize, prepare staging and props and present a fashion show. (MKT/TEC151)
  9. Use the fundamental principles of design, lighting and color to create effective visual merchandising presentations (MKT/TEC151)
  10. Examine the management/buyer role in investment, pricing, planning, and controlling sales and inventories. (MKT/TEC200)
  11. Identify and apply the steps and techniques that contribute to quality sales performance. (MKT267)
  12. Develop and present an effective sales presentation for a selected business or product. (MKT267)
  13. Describe the operation and structure of retail organizations including the basic principles of merchandise planning, pricing, and management. (MKT268)
  14. Identify, describe, and demonstrate basic principles and techniques used in developing effective marketing strategies. (MKT210) OR
  15. Describe the systems approach to marketing, including distribution, product promotion, and pricing strategies to satisfy consumer needs. (MKT271)