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CCL - Interior Design: Professional Level

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Interior Design: Professional Level program is a post AAS certificate program offering specialized and technical knowledge within interior design that provides fundamental knowledge and skills for the design industry.

The mission of the Interior Design program is to provide a comprehensive educational experience with pathways leading to professional placement in the interiors industry.
Major Code: 5160
Award: CCL
First Term: 4116
Total Credits: 27
Last Updated: May 20th, 2013
Associate in Applied Science in Interior Design (3122) 61
and permission of the Program Director.
Required Courses: 18
INT215 Professional Practices 3
INT260 Interior Codes and Regulations 3
INT265 Building Systems 3
INT268 Lighting Design 3
INT270 Commercial Design 3
INT271AA Interior Design Internship (1) OR
INT271AB Interior Design Internship (2) OR
INT271AC Interior Design Internship (3) 3
Restricted Electives: 9 Credits
ARH+++++ Any ARH Art Humanities courses 6
ASB+++++ Any ASB Anthropology course (3) OR
PSY+++++ Any PSY Psychology course (3) OR
SOC+++++ Any SOC Sociology course (3) 3
Free Electives: None
General Education: None
General Education Core: None
First-Year Composition: None
Critical Reading: None
Oral Communication: None
Mathematics: None
General Education Distributed: None
Humanities and Fine Arts: None
Social and Behavioral Sciences: None
Natural Sciences: None
Program Competencies:
  1. Describe and adhere to certification and licensing requirements of the interior design profession. (INT215)
  2. Utilize appropriate design business processes and procedures in a design project. (INT215)
  3. Apply ADA Accessibility Guidelines to solving problems related to barrier-free access. (INT260)
  4. Outline, describe and use the theoretical design principles associated with a variety of residential systems including plumbing, electrical, lighting, acoustics, and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. (INT265)
  5. Design business and commercial interiors using presentation for portfolio work. (INT265)
  6. Select appropriate lighting sources and luminaries and develop a lighting plan. (INT268)
  7. Apply interior design principles to develop a variety of residential and commercial design projects. (INT215, INT260, INT265, INT268, INT270)
  8. Perform job related duties in a satisfactory and professional manner. (INT271AA-AC)