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CCL - Fingerprint Classification and Identification

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Fingerprint Classification and Identification program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the field of fingerprint classification and identification. Additional options are available in the field of forensic technology.
Major Code: 5010
Award: CCL
First Term: 4114
Total Credits: 10
Program Last Updated in MCCCD Records: Mar 10th, 2010
Prerequesites: None
Required Courses: 10 credits
AJS101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
AJS213 Evidence Technology/Fingerprints 3
AJS275 Criminal Investigation I 3
AJS290BN Courtroom Testimony Seminar 1
Restricted Electives: None
Free Electives: None
General Education Requirement: None
General Education Core: None
First Year Composition: None
Oral Communication: None
Critical Reading: None
Mathematics: None
General Education Distributed Credits: None
Humanities and Fine Arts: None
Social and Behavioral Sciences: None
Natural Sciences: None
Program Competencies:
  1. Identify and describe the major components of the criminal justice process. (AJS101)
  2. Describe governmental structure and its relationship to the criminal justice system. (AJS101)
  3. Classify fingerprints using the Henry System and National Crime Information Center System. (AJS213)
  4. Take and record fingerprints. (AJS213)
  5. Apply the fundamental principles of fingerprint identification. (AJS213)
  6. Develop and lift latent prints using both powders and chemical methods. (AJS213)
  7. Identify and describe the goals and objectives of criminal investigation. (AJS275)
  8. Describe criminal investigation and list the appropriate steps to be undertaken during the investigation of specific crimes.(AJS275)
  9. Describe courtroom demeanor and protocol including the role and primary functions of witnesses and legal counsel. (AJS290BN)