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CCL - Entrepreneurial Studies Level I

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Entrepreneurial Studies Level I program is designed to provide students with an introduction to the entrepreneurial process. Courses include a history of entrepreneurship, current research into its impacts on society, types of business start-up opportunities, and creating a preliminary business plan, as well as securing a healthy financial future.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester
Major Code: 5819
Award: CCL
First Term: 4142
Total Credits: 10
Program Last Updated in MCCCD Records: Sep 5th, 2013
Prerequesites: None
Required Courses: 10 credits
EPS150 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
EPS160 New Venture Creation 2
EPS195 Business Start-Up and Planning 2
GBS/HEC132 Personal and Family Financial Security 3
Restricted Electives: None
Free Electives: None
General Education Requirement: None
General Education Core: None
First Year Composition: None
Oral Communication: None
Critical Reading: None
Mathematics: None
General Education Distributed Credits: None
Humanities and Fine Arts: None
Social and Behavioral Sciences: None
Natural Sciences: None
Program Competencies:
  1. Define entrepreneurship. (EPS150)
  2. Describe planning activities required for the successful launch of a new venture. (EPS150, EPS160)
  3. Differentiate between various types of business start-up opportunities. (EPS150, EPS160)
  4. Compare and contrast business financing alternatives. (EPS150, EPS160)
  5. Describe components of a successful business feasibility study. (EPS150, EPS160)
  6. Complete a business experience assessment. (EPS160)
  7. Compare and contrast components of a business plan. (EPS195)
  8. Create a preliminary business plan. (EPS195)
  9. Compare and contrast principles and practices of personal and family financial planning. (GBS132)
  10. Differentiate between types of business financing. (GBS132)