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General Information
The Maricopa Community Colleges Scheduling System has been upgraded to a web based system - 25Live. The link for the SCC Calendar site is available for all scheduling needs. All Faculty and Staff are encouraged to submit event and vehicle all requests via the Event Wizard tab of 25Live. You may access this site from both on campus and off campus:
Site Name: Maricopa Scheduling SCC Reservations
Site URL:
The Edit Wizard is how to request space, equipment, and services in 25Live. Please make sure to Sign In to 25Live using your MEID and Email password to view any user preferences you set, and to request your events.
What is 25Live?
25Live is a web-based scheduling and event publishing product developed by CollegeNET. The software package provides one centralized scheduling system, and data repository for events held at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges, yet allows individual users to maintain some of their personal scheduling preferences. 25Live enables users to view event information and request the use of space 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with internet capability.
Who can use 25Live?
25Live can be viewed by any MCCCD employee with an MEID. The default view allows users access to view basic event and location information, request the use of space and resources, and view user preferences, and is only available after logging into the system with a valid MEID and password.
25Live is the only MCCCD recognized tool to schedule events and request the use of space, services, equipment, or fleet vehicles.
25Live is the system of record on campus, as well as District wide, and is used by all requesters, schedulers, service providers, help desk personnel, and dispatchers. It is the only recognized tool for obtaining services, reserving space or fleet vehicles, publicizing events, obtain space utilization data, and for safety and security purposes.
What if I want to use a space on campus that needs departmental approval?
All space on campus may be requested for use, as all space is institutionally owned. However, many of the locations on campus are managed departmentally, are restricted for specific use only, or may not be accessible to the public. Requests for departmental space will be routed to the authorized space approver within 25Live. View the location detail to see if a location is departmental.
When may I submit my request for space or services?
Requests may be submitted anytime. We may keep the request in our queue and process at a later date. Requests for activities occurring the same day as the request date will not be considered for scheduling.
How do I make a request for a fleet vehicle or space on campus?
  1. Simply Log in to 25Live with your MEID AND EMAIL PASSWORD credentials.  |  Use the Find Available Locations options to locate available space or vehicle. activate the Event Wizard form by choosing an available space.  |  OR, Jump to the Create an Event button  |  Complete the fields in the form, and click Finish.  |  Star your request to save on your Home tab  | 
There are comment boxes at the top of each window which provide additional instructions. Star your organization, spaces, resources, and EVENTS to save your personal preferences for next time.
One of the campus schedulers will review your requests, and send you a confirmation when all of your arrangements have been secured. The new functionality will streamline all of your scheduling tasks into one program where you may check availability, view activities on campus, view and print your own confirmations, make requests for space and services, and find the important information you need for scheduling.
How do I submit a multi-date event request?
In the dates/time field of the Event Wizard form, check the "Event Repeats" button and select Ad Hoc. A calendar will open for you to select all your dates. As long as the meeting series is for the same TIME of day, you may use this feature. If your times are different, a separate request should be completed.
** It is recommended to always use the Ad Hoc option, only, for additional dates. This prevents the system from automatically selecting holidays or dates when the college is closed, and allows the requester complete flexibility to choose the dates the events are actually occurring.
**Please only submit a repeat meeting request for dates within the same fiscal year.
**Please omit dates that the Registrar’s Calendar shows as a holiday, school break, or special event date in which no other activities may meet on campus. If you are meeting on that date, please add a comment so the scheduling office does not cancel the date.
Location Conflicts and Availability
If the SPACE shows a caution symbol to alert you of conflicts when completing the request form, hover over the caution symbol for more information. This will tell you which dates in your series have a conflict. For multi date events, the conflict is not typically effecting all of your dates requested. Go to "Modify Selected Occurrences" on your location field to view all your dates. Uncheck the dates in red (conflicting), and chose another location for those dates. You may also remove the conflicting dates, if you decide not to meet on those.
You may jump to the location by clicking on the bold location name, and then viewing the availability for the DATE you are requesting. This grid will provide a clear picture of available times in WHITE and conflicts in GREEN.
Finding my events in 25Live
Your event requests will be saved as a DRAFT until a scheduler has processed your request. Keep track of your drafts from the homepage dashboard.

Your scheduler will email a confirmation once processed. To quickly view a listing of all events that have been processed by a scheduling office, click on the # of events as Requester.

All requests are processed on a first come basis. When you submit a request, we recommend making this event a "favorite" by starring the event after it is saved. You may view your requests at any time on the homepage of 25Live. Your DRAFTS are your requests.
Still can’t find your event?
Simplest method to locate an activity:
Quick Search Menu on Home Tab
Search by populating one distinguishing key word in your event name. Ex. Budget
- OR -
Search by the location you have been confirmed in, Ex. Turquoise Room. If you know the building, but not which space, type the building. Ex. SC- (use the dash after the building ID to narrow the search.)
Viewing Event Details

**ALWAYS click on the "+" sign to the right of Assignments to view the details that have been scheduled. Here is an image of the expanded window to see what is scheduled.

You may print a confirmation for your records. Go to the ACTIONS drop down menu from the event detail view. Please make sure your event is in confirmed state before printing this report.
When should I receive a confirmation for my request?
Each scheduling office has its own policies for when you will receive your confirmation. We strive to reply to your request in a timely manner. Our goal is to turn around requests within 3-5 business days. The response may take longer if your scheduling office has received a large number of requests in a short period of time or if your request is for space or services requiring additional services, resources, or approvals.
How do I make a change or cancellation to my reservation?
Cancellations and changes should be submitted as far in advance as possible, to allow time for scheduling of resources and personnel. Change requests received on short notice may not be guaranteed. If your request can be accommodated, you will receive a new and updated confirmation.
To modify/edit your reservation, please follow these steps:
**Not all users have EDIT rights to their event**
If you have EDIT rights, you may only have access to modify select fields of information. Go to Event Tab => Search for the event to modify => Open Detail view tab =>
  1. Select the EDIT button to modify your event.  |  If you do not have EDIT rights, or cannot modify the field of information you require to change, then follow these steps:  | 
Send email from "More Actions" menu to your scheduler by checking the box next to their name.
Write in the changes in the body of the text
Your scheduler will make the change and send a confirmation when complete
Are there training opportunities for 25Live?
We do offer support and periodic training workshops for requesters, schedulers, and approvers. Please contact to request training.
25Live technical issues?
The browser used to access 25Live can also affect performance. Please use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari for the best results. Internet Explorer is not recommended. If the site does not seem to load properly for you, try refreshing your browser or the screen you are in. It is also recommended to clear your browser's cache. For assistance, please call the Help Desk.
Although many people think of it as "just another website", 25Live is a complex, full-featured application that has the potential to be accessed by thousands of people at one time. Speeds can vary based on the speed of your network connection, available bandwidth, the number of users on the system and a number of other factors.
To report a technical issue you are experiencing, please email or contact the Help Desk.
When may I submit my request for space or services?
Requests may be submitted anytime. We may keep the request in our queue and process at a later date.
What does Tentative State, Draft State, Confirmed State mean?
This is how most event requests are saved. Drafts are requests that will be reviewed and processed by a scheduling office. No space or services are held until an event has been changed to Tentative or Confirmed.

The scheduling offices will keep an event in tentative status until all details have been confirmed. Your confirmation holds the space for you, and your scheduler will change your event to confirmed once all of your details have been submitted. Once an event state is changed to confirmed, the service departments are notified of all the event details.

Your scheduler will modify the state to confirmed when all of the arrangements have been secured. At this point, the event detail is available to the service departments.

An event that will no longer be taking place.
How do I request services and equipment ("Resources" in 25Live) for my event?
We always recommend selecting a location that has the equipment you need already installed in the space. To see a list of "features" of a location, click the detail view of a space name. If you need additional services or equipment, search for these in the Resource area. You may also describe what you are looking for in the additional comments area of the request form, and your scheduler will assign the appropriate resources
Publicity for my event
25Live is also a publishing tool. There are several methods in 25Live to ensure your activity receives the publicity you prefer:
  1. Include the URL to your webpage in the Custom Attributes field of your request:
       |  Add a Publicity Description in the Event Description field of your request:

    Event Description (HTML-Enabled)
    This is a text area for publicity purposes. This detail will be shown on the campus calendar detail view, as well as other publicity areas of the college website. HTML language is acceptable. You may also want to select the “website” field in the Custom Attributes. Cut and paste the url from the website you use to promote this event. **CAUTION**, the use of an ampersand (&) or some other symbols, may cause an error message.
       |  Select the applicable Event Categories to identify Calendars that you want your event displayed on:
    • The OPEN TO PUBLIC category will display the event on the College Homepage, as well as the Campus Featured Calendars, both on campus view, and public view.  |  **CAUTION** Please be aware that by selecting Open To Public, you are aware that any website, or media source may also post your activity. If the event is not actually open to the general public, this category should not be used.  |  If you do not select any category, your event may not be publicized on any Campus Calendar on the website, and may only be seen in 25Live for scheduling purposes, service providers, and public safety.  |  If you select a category not marked Public, your event may display on an associated Campus Calendar, and may be displayed in a specialized calendar category for view on campus.  | 
For Additional Information about publicizing your event, contact:

SCC Institutional Advancement & Community Engagement
8901 E McDowell Road, Scottsdale AZ 85257
Nancy Neff  |  (480) 423-6567
Use the Creative Job Request Form to submit a request for web ad or web site publicity:

What should I do if I would like to have my external or private event at Scottsdale Community College?
STEP ONE: Call Facilities Scheduling Services
Call the Facilities Scheduling Services (FSS) office to discuss your event needs at 480.423.6506. Or complete the online [External Event Inquiry Form.]

Click Here:
for procedures regarding rental of space on campus by an external organization that is a commercial business, or a non-profit, or non-commercial entity, or a program, or for team event purposes. Availability varies by date, time and type of event. SCC is closed on Sundays.

Users who are selling products, services, or ideas; or non-commercial-information-only entities wanting to share with our students, should see the link entitled, “Use of College Grounds Permit.”
SCC Facilities Scheduling Services
Location: FOB Building (across from IT Building)
9000 E. Chaparral Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85256-2626
Service Email:
T: 480.423.6506
F: 480.423.6394
Service Hours:
Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm during Fall & Spring
Monday-Thursday, 8:00am – 5:00pm Summer Schedule
Closed on Weekends, Holidays, and other Campus Closures