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What are the placement tests?

Accuplacer is an untimed computer-based, adaptive placement test designed to identify your skill levels in English language usage, reading, and mathematics.
CELSA is a 45 minute multiple choice test designed to measure context and grammatical understanding of the English language for students speaking English as a second language.
Scores are used by you and an advisor or counselor to help you decide which courses to take. All students taking their first college level English, reading, or mathematics course must complete placement testing before they can register.

Why is testing required?

We want you to be as successful as possible. Research shows that placement testing helps you to enter English, reading, or mathematics courses at the proper starting point. The result is that you will have a better chance of completing your courses and earning good grades.

Can I fail the placement tests?

No! Whatever scores you earn, an English, reading, or mathematics course will be available to you.

Can I retest?

Yes. Students will be permitted one re-test in English, reading, or math level after at least a 24-hour waiting period. ONE additional re-test is permitted no sooner than three months from the oldest valid score date at any course placement testing site. Course placement scores, with the exception of the reading exemption scores, will be valid for two years from the date of the original or re-test assessment.