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iTunes U

Free Microsoft software for SCC Students

Welcome to SCC iTunes U! iTunes U is a free service Apple offers to colleges and universities. It allows them to post online audio and video files to be accessible to students anytime and anywhere. All you need to access iTunes U is a computer and the iTunes application. You may download iTunes from the Apple web site at It is available for both Mac and PC. If you have an iPod or mp3 player you can take the podcasts with you anywhere.

To Start:
  • Browse SCC iTunes U
  • On the main page you will see sections for different categories of content. If your instructor is using iTunes U, they will provide you with additional information to access their course files.
  • Student Services has information such as how to register or apply for financial aid. SCC Life has general information about SCC, including campus tours.
To Locate Podcasts:
  • Let's assume you are taking Dance 101 and your instructor has posted files in iTunes U.
  • On the main SCC iTunes U page in "Courses by Division," click on "Fine Arts."
  • On the Fine Arts page, locate the "Dance" section.
  • Within it you will find the course "Dance 101".
  • After clicking the course, you can access the podcast files and click on the title you would like to hear.

Podcasting allows you to subscribe to the content area for audio or video you wish to download. To subscribe to the podcasts click the "Subscribe" button on the course page.