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Other Public Use of College Grounds

Petition signatures can be solicited on campus only in accordance with the regulation below. Petition Signature Solicitation Procedures

  • Three working days notice to Facilities Scheduling Services, (480) 423-6506, for authorization
  • Not to exceed two days a month
  • Only Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, 10am-6pm
  • Student Center East Patio only
  • Three initiative representatives at a time—none may be concurrent initiatives
  • Limit two people at your table

(Commercial & Non-Commercial Solicitation)

Commercial Use

Any commercial entity that would purport to sell or promote any product, service, or idea may rent a table and two chairs on the Student Center East Patio during most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. College activities will occasionally exclude vendor use. Total time on campus may not exceed fifty (50) hours per semester without permission of the Coordinator of Facilities.

You will need to have the following documentation submitted and approved at least fourteen (14) days in advance. Fax to (480) 423-6394. Mail to SCC, ATTN Coord Facilities, 9000 E. Chaparral, Scottsdale AZ 85256.

Once the certificate of insurance is submitted to this office, a Facility Use Agreement will be created confirming the dates and times you selected. It will be sent directly to you for signature and return.

Campus visit fee is $50 per day, or $120 per week, must be paid five (5) days in advance. Fee is non-refundable. Payments may be a company or bank-issued cashiers check, money order made payable to the college, or a corporate credit card.

Non-Commercial, Low-Impact Use

Activities that do not seek to sell or promote a product or service for direct or indirect financial gain and are limited to gatherings of five people or less at any given time; and do not involve machinery, temporary structures, tables, chairs, displays, or electronic equipment, including amplifiers, or the distribution of food products, may use college grounds without providing proof of insurance or paying fees with two (2) days advance notice and space availability. Contact the Facilities Scheduling Services office for space availability before completing the requirements below. Fine Print: Further details about use by both types of entities: MCCD Use of College Grounds Regulation

You will not need to submit insurance, a Special Use Permit, or pay fees. A Facility Use Agreement will be prepared documenting your use after verifying space availability on dates requested. Complete the inquiry form. Use of College Grounds Inquiry Form

Maricopa Promotes Voter Registration

Thanks to federal legislation, U.S. colleges and universities assume an active role in efforts to encourage voter registration. All efforts on campus to register voters must be non-partisan. The college will provide one to two (1‑2) tables and several chairs. Location is the Student Center (SC) East Patio for highest exposure to walking traffic.

In addition, candidate forums or town hall meetings are permitted with two (2) weeks’ notice and space availability provided all sides are afforded equal opportunity to appear. Other activities within the scope of the academic curriculum designed to educate students on elections issues are also permitted. Register to Vote in Arizona

College Procedures
  1. Prior notice must be provided to the Coordinator Facilities, (480) 423-6506, no fewer than two (2) days before conducting voter registration on campus. Volunteers must check-in and show a personal form of legal identification at the Faculty Office Building (FOB) each day on campus prior to soliciting registration. Volunteers will wear a badge provided by the office throughout the duration of his/her time on campus.
  2. Volunteers will be directed to the Student Center East Patio and be provided tables and chairs, unless otherwise specified by the college for a special event. Space is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Volunteers must remain within a five (5) foot radius of the above designated location. Volunteer will not in any way stop the flow of traffic, approach students or employees or disrupt the college environment. Students and employees may approach the volunteers of their own accord.
  4. Volunteer may place non-partisan banners or signs on the table(s) to encourage interest. Banners and signs may not be adhered to any surface.

Failure to comply with MCCCD policies and administrative regulations could result in the termination of voter registration privileges on any or all college campuses. If you have any questions about MCCCD policies and administrative regulations, contact the Office of Public Stewardship at (480) 731-8880 or visit The MCCCD is an EEO/AA institution.

For more information, please review the Voting Registration Procedures - Reserving Tables at SCC (PDF) in the Download Information box to the right.