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Fast Facts

Campus Closed for Memorial Day Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Hours

Campus Closed on Fridays

  • Student enrollment each semester: some 11,000 students enroll in classes at SCC.
  • A full-time student is enrolled in 12 credit hours per semester. The average course load is 7 credits.
  • Full-time students: 30%
  • Part-time students: 70%
  • Day students: 60%
  • Evening: 40%
  • Educational goals—Of the students who reported their educational goals:
    • 45% want to earn an Associates Degree and transfer to a university.
    • 33% want to improve their job skills.
    • 23% want to pursue a personal interest.
  • The average student age at SCC is 29, but students range in age from 17 to 92.
  • Just over half of all students are female (55%), but males are strongly represented (45%).
  • Ethnicity

    American Indian
    Asian/Pacific Islander


     Black, non-Hispanic


     White, non-Hispanic
     Not specified


  • International Students: SCC welcomes nearly 1000 students from almost 100 countries every year, and many SCC students study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Italy, and other parts of Europe. As we prepare individuals for active citizenship in a diverse global society, International Education Programs also offers opportunities for several faculty and staff exchanges.
  • Honors Program: The SCC Honors Program fosters critical thinking and academic excellence through specially designated honors classes, monthly Honors Forum speakers, and various other events. Students are eligible to receive partial tuition waivers and apply for several scholarships.