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Track Your Degree Progress

You can track your progress towards a degree or certificate online using the Degree Progress Report in your Student Center. The report will show you degree requirements, what classes are used in the degree, the choices you have to meet requirement, your GPA and what transfer credit has been applied to your degree.

There are a few things that must be in place to use the Degree Progress Report:

  • You must be declared in the degree or certificate you intend to complete. Advisors or Admissions and Records can correct your degree intent.
  • All transfer courses must be officially transferred to SCC and entered into your record including transfer courses from other Maricopa Colleges.

To view your Degree Progress Report follow these steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your Student Center
  2. On your Student Center page click the Degree Progress Report link
  3. Select Scottsdale Community College and Advising Transcript from the drop-down lists and click the green Go button.

image showing interface to view degree progress report

The report opens in a condensed view. To see all details of the report click Expand All.

image showing current academic objective when viewing degree progress report

The top of the report shows your degree and your SCC GPA. Your transcripts and transfer credit is displayed in the second section.

Each degree requirement will show how many credits are needed and how many are done.

image showing credits needed to fulfill associate in arts degree requirements

Long course lists will only show the first 10 courses and then you need to navigate to see more.

images showing courses that will fulfill degree requirements

The degree progress report is how advisors monitor your progress towards graduation. You should view every time you register for a class to make sure the class fits in your degree. Consult with an advisor if you have any questions about the report.