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Sara P. Beakley-Mercill

<B>Course Expertise</B>

Computer Usage and Applications (BPC110)

Microsoft Word: Word Processing (CIS113DE)

Flash: Digital Animation (CIS120DC)

Computer Graphics: Adobe Illustrator (CIS120DB)

Adobe Photoshop Level 1: Digital Imaging (CIS120DF)

Internet/Web Development (BPC133)

Flash: Advanced Animation and Actionscript (CIS220DC)


B.S., Information and Management Technology, Arizona State University

<B>Experience & Certifications</B>

Associate Dean, College of Multimedia, UAT (4 years)

Professor, Higher Education (1998 to present)

Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Certification (2011 to present)

Quality Matters High School and Publisher Certification (2011 to present)

Web and Graphics Consultant (5 years)


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