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Merry Wilson

I love science, and am pretty much a huge nerd. I originally took geology to satisfy my lab requirement in the easiest way possible (at least I thought it'd be easy), with no intention to retain any information beyond the final exam. Turns out, I loved it and never looked back. It was hard for me to specialize in a portion of geology, and as such, I've worked on everything from dino digs to space, geochemistry to natural disasters. In graduate school, I started teaching geology, and I have now taught every semester since 1997. I have been at SCC since 2002, and I love it here. As a lifetime learner, I find it challenging and satisfying to be surrounded by an academic environment. I conduct research in the field of geoscience education and specialize in getting students outside to understand geology in true field environments.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, cycling (mountain and road), surfing, and kid-wrangling. I rarely, if ever, watch TV, and only remain culturally relevant through the monumental efforts one of my teenage sons.

Spring, 2017 (4172)

Intro Geol I-Physicl Lec
Syllabus not uploaded by instructor.  Please check Canvas.
Intro Geol II-Histcl Lec
Syllabus not uploaded by instructor.  Please check Canvas.
Intro Geol II-Histcl Lab
Syllabus not uploaded by instructor.  Please check Canvas.


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