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Math Course Sequence

Flowcharts of Mathematics Course Sequences

The Artichokes

Check out the Course Descriptions for these classes.
(After downloading the document, use the scroll bar to the right and scroll down to page 64.)

To meet the requirements of the
Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC):

AGEC-A requires one of the following:
MAT 142, MAT 150, MAT 151, MAT 187, or a higher math course.
AGEC-B requires through MAT 212.
AGEC-C requires through MAT 220.

For many AAS and AGS Degree Programs:
(except Nursing which requires MAT 120 or 121 or 122.)

AAS-AGS Sequence

For a AAGR/AASR Degree:

AAGR-AASR Sequence

For Business Majors:

For Elementary Education Majors:

Math & CSC Courses for Computer Science Majors:

Math Science Engineering Sequence
MAT082 or MAT092 may be needed for some students
NOTE: MAT 187 is recommended only for students with previous Trigonometry experience.

Note: MAT 142 meets the mathematics general education graduation requirement, but is not a prerequisite for other courses. A student who is required to take a course in statistics, calculus, or any other course that has a College Algebra (MAT 150) prerequisite, should not take MAT 142. Please check graduation requirements carefully before enrolling in MAT 142.