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Engineering Sciences

Engineering majors are advised to take a math course each semester upon entering Scottsdale Community College and to take chemistry and physics courses as soon as math skills are adequate. In addition, students are advised to defer some general studies requirements (humanities, social sciences, etc.) until after transfer to a university. The reasons for these recommendations are twofold: it is important to establish a firm foundation in mathematics and the sciences as quickly as possible, and the deferred general studies courses will provide balance in your university curriculum when taking upper division, specialized engineering courses. The following recommended list of math and science courses for engineering majors is arranged in sequence. The list suggests a possible three-year plan of study; each student should get advisement regarding their particular engineering major. Generally, science and engineering courses are positioned on the list so as to coordinate with math prerequisites. Contact the Course Coordinator for advice regarding particular needs. Mathematics Engineering Chemistry, Lab Physics MAT122 — CHM130, 130LL — MAT151 ECE102 CHM151, 151LL — MAT182 ECE103 CHM152, 152LL — MAT220 — — PHY111 MAT230 — — PHY121 MAT240 ECE211 — PHY131 MAT261 ECE212 — PHY252