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The Chemistry Department at Scottsdale Community College offers a full selection of courses applicable to the first two years of a college degree. Our courses transfer to almost every college and university in the U.S. Our new Chemistry facilities define a new standard for safety and excellence. All of the residential faculty hold a Ph.D. in Chemistry and have chosen to focus their talents in the classroom, serving students. Tracking studies show that our students perform as well, or better than other students in subsequent chemistry courses at ASU. At Scottsdale Community College you will find approachable, friendly, and talented chemists who will help you with your academic or professional career path.

Chemistry laboratory Inventory (CHM 107LL, 130LL,151LL, 152LL)
or (CHM 230LL, 235LL, 236LL)

All students should consult the MSDSonline/Chemical Management database before handling chemicals.