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Mathematics & Sciences

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Student success is our top priority

The Math and Science faculty at SCC want you to succeed. With small class sizes, outstanding faculty and free tutoring, our students have every opportunity to succeed here and are fully prepared to transfer to a four-year institution and succeed there as well. 

The Mathematics and Sciences Division offers a full selection of courses within three departments: Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences. Life Sciences includes Biology (BIO) and Physical Sciences includes Astronomy (AST), Chemistry (CHM), Geology (GLG) and Physics (PHY). Every member of the Math/Science division considers the success of our students to be their top priority. The Math and Science Tutoring Center is a welcoming place where students are provided help with assignments, test preparation and study tips.

Our Natural Sciences Building (NS) is a state-of-the-art facility, with an impressive collection of Arizona native plants throughout the landscape that not only enhance the outdoor atmosphere, but also are used in coursework. Our lab facilities provide the most current technology and safety features to ensure a top-notch learning and education experience.

You can always find a friendly person in the Computer and Mathematics (CM) or Natural Sciences buildings to help you with any questions you have about math and science and your academic path.