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Alcohol Education - FAQs

Q. Who must take this training?
A. Anyone that serves, sells, or furnishes spirituous liquor to a retail customer should take the class to become more familiar with Arizona laws. However, taking the class is required only of management personnel. New laws will require that at least one person with Alcohol Law Certification be present in the licensed establishment at all times.

Q. Are these classes required?

A. No. The new laws require that the licensee ensure that all service personnel know alcohol laws. There is no requirement that service personnel take the class. The new law will also require that all licensees provide alcohol law training for their service staff. Alcohol Education Arizona will provide this training and the necessary support certification to comply with this new law.

Q. How long are the basic classes?
A. Currently the basic class is 4 hours and the management class is 2 hours. This includes the on-line courses.

Q. What do I receive when I complete the class?
A. You will receive a 2-part certificate. Keep one copy for yourself and the other is kept on file with your employer. You may copy this document as often as you like.

Q What is included in the class instruction?
A. A complete syllabus is included here.

Q. How old do I have to be to take this class?
A. There is no age limit for the class.

Q. Can I take this class if I don’t serve alcohol?
A. Yes, anyone can take these classes to learn more about alcohol service in Arizona.

Q. I have 17 employees that serve spirits, can you give the class at my restaurant?
A. Yes! Contact us for information about scheduling your personal class today!

Q. How do I sign up for a class?

A. Find a convenient class time on the Schedule page, write down the Class I.D. number, and then call the number to register and pay for the class. Basic (servers, bartenders, etc.) and Management classes are just $35.00 per person.