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Alcohol Education

In today’s litigious environment, it’s critical that everyone serving spirituous liquor understand the issues faced by Arizona’s licensed establishments:

  • Who can I serve?
  • How much can I serve?
  • When do I have to stop serving?
  • What is my personal liability?

Alcohol Education Arizona is certified by the Arizona Department of Liquor License & Control and can deliver answers to each of these pressing questions along with clear direction for anyone serving spirituous liquor; from licensee, manager, to employee.

“The risks in serving alcohol in a retail establishment are great…but can be minimized with an understanding of the laws and effects when the operator is committed to serving spirits in a safe environment and concerned with their guest’s well being.”

Alcohol Education Arizona schedules regular classes online and can schedule a class for you right in your establishment or community to provide up-to-date liquor law training when and where you need it. We provide training for your restaurant, bar, hotel, resort, or retail outlet (supermarket, liquor store, convenient store, etc.). Training classes are just $35 per person for Basic or Management classes.

Now, with online training, you can take the courses at your leisure. The modules can be taken one at a time or all at once.

Scottsdale Community College has provided education to students for more than 40 years and the intent of this online class is to provide the high quality experience and education expected by our students and our community to succeed in the spirits industry.

Licensees and Managers…contact us today for your in-house training.