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Angela Rosenkrans
Charros Teacher of the Year at SCC

Scottsdale Community College Dance 2012

Through dance we reawaken the ability to play, to discover self-discipline and the joy of accomplishment. Whether observing or participating, dance lifts the spirit, celebrates humanity, and the body's physical beauty.

Why dance at SCC?

The Dance Program at Scottsdale Community College is one of the finest dance programs in the Southwest. We offer a range of classes from recreational dance for non-majors and community members, to serious training for those who are pursuing a career in the dance field. The SCC Dance Program supports three dance companies, each with rigorous training and rehearsal requirements. The companies are focused on unique aspects of dance and create unparalleled opportunities for students. Each year the companies are invited to participate in the American College Dance Festival and perform several times throughout the season. SCC Dance has been the Gala winner at the Northwest Regional American College Dance Festival, Innovators of the Year for Multimedia productions, and recipient of fourteen Vibrant Arts Grants. SCC Dance is the largest dance program in the Maricopa County Community College District.

We offer an Associates of Applied Science degree in Dance Technology and an Associates of Fine Arts degree in Dance. Graduating students have gone on to attend ASU, NAU, U of A, University of Utah, CalArts, Sam Houston State, University of Texas, and University of Oklahoma, as well as joining local and national performing companies.

The program offers 45-60 classes per semester, has 21 adjunct faculty who are working professionals and dance artists recognized both locally and nationally, and hosts several renowned guest artists each year.

Every year, SCC Dance attends the prestigious collegiate American College Dance Festival and has been selected for the final gala performance in 2000, 2004, and 2007.

Whether your interest is performing, working behind the scenes, choreography, or simply understanding and appreciating the world of dance, the SCC Dance Program can meet your needs.