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The Film School @ SCC Facilities & Equipment

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High Tech Classrooms

Our primary classrooms are equipped with film, video, and LCD projection as well as complete surround sound, DLP, and HD projection, mini-DV capabilities, and computer equipment.

Production Studios

The Film School includes two studios. Studio A is focused on television production and is equipped with television production cameras with prompters, full video switching, professional news set, chroma-key wall, a Chyron character generator, DVC Pro-System with DV and DV compatibilities, 24 channel audio mixing, Ross professional switcher, complete stand lighting system with professional lights and assorted draperies.

Studio B is a general purpose sound stage that includes full stand lighting systems and instruments and standard 5k overhead lighting. The room is used for class demos and student production shoots.

Editing Labs

Two large post-production labs are equipped with the standard non-linear editing platforms: Avid and Final Cut Pro. The 48 computer stations also hold various other programs, such as Pro-Tools and Final Draft, that might be needed by students to complete their projects. The lab’s open hours are posted and a tech is available on site.

Equipment Check-out

The Film School’s equipment check-out facilities include three tiers of camera in both 16mm film and mini DV formats and from consumer level to professional level, complete lighting and grip equipments packages, various lenses, tripods, dollies, meters, sync sound recorders, reflectors, filters, a sounds effects library; in short, everything needed to shoot film, digital, and video.

Conference and Production Room

When students need to conduct pre- or production meetings, or student groups need to hold meetings, a conference room is available.

Radio Station

SCC has operated a cable-casting and internet radio station for the past eight years, managed by the Film School @ SCC. Students in the program whose focus of study is radio have the opportunity to participate in all phases of radio station work, including on-air, promotions, production and management. The station currently is coordinating with KHFX Radio in Fountain Hills to carry our student broadcasters work over-the-air to an even larger audience base. Phone number: (480) 423-6366


Students enrolled in production classes are provided with access to all of the industry-current equipment necessary to complete their film, high-definition, and audio assignments. Over 700 student projects checked out cameras and equipment in 2007!

A short list of our inventory includes:

Remote Facilities

A remote system consisting of three JVC three-chip cameras is used across campus to record "live" events such as sports and concerts.

Film Cameras:
Arriflex 16BL (sync)
Arriflex 16S
Canon Scoopic 16M
Redlake HyCam (High-Speed 11,000fps)
Redlake LoCam (High-Speed 500fps)
Various Prime & Zoom Lenses:
Optar-Illumina, Zeiss, Schneider & more
Sekonic 508C & Gossen Light Meters
Macbeth Color Checkers
Harrison Changing Tents
Tiffen & Cokin Correction and Effects Filters
Matte Boxes & Follow Focus Systems
Over 100 Lights Individually or in Kits:
Kino Flo
Grip Equipment:
Flags, Nets, Silks, Reflectors
8'x8' and 12'x12' Overheads
4'x4' Shiny Boards
Video Cameras:
Panasonic AG-HVX200 (High Definition)
Sony DSR-PD170 (DV & DVCAM)
Panasonic PV-GS180 (DV)
Panasonic HD Field Monitors
Sony SD Field Monitors
Tiffen & Cokin Effects Filters
Matte Boxes & Follow Focus Systems
Camera Support:
Sachtler, Gitzo & Bogen Tripod Systems
Skateboard Dollies
Colortran Crab Dolly
Car Door Camera Mount
Audio Recorders:
Fostex FR-2 TC Memory Recorders
Fostex PD-4 DAT Recorders
Nagra IV-ST ¼" Recorders
Sound Devices Field Mixers
Smart Slates
Sennheiser, Shure, Audio-Technica, Sony
K-Tek Boom Poles