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Success in college courses requires more advanced study skills. While most students already have some study skills from their high school education, college is a time to add to and improve upon those skills. As such, the Counseling Department provides college success courses (CPD 150) and career exploration courses (CPD 102AB) to help support students to be successful in college and to achieve their personal, educational, and career goals.

Top 5 Ways Counseling Can Help You Be a Successful College Student
  1. Take CPD 150 to improve your study skill
  2. Take CPD 102AB to decide your major and future career path
  3. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to work one-on-one to improve your study skills
  4. Provide referrals to community resources that can support your success

CPD 150 is recommended for first-time college students, students on academic probation, and returning adult students, as the course provides an orientation to the college experience, reviews valuable study skills (i.e., note-taking, test-taking, time management, learning styles, etc.), and facilitates educational and career planning for timely completion of coursework. CPD 150 is also a required course for students who test into one (or more) developmental courses. This course transfers as elective credit to all three state universities (ASU, NAU, and U of A). The Counseling Department currently offers CPD 150 in two formats: 16-week in-person courses and 8-week hybrid courses.

For students who would like to dedicate more time and focus to deciding a major or area of study, CPD 102AB is the ideal course for them. CPD 102AB is an 11-week course where students will complete a variety of career, personal, and skills assessments to determine their ideal future career and major/area of study, as well as engage in career exploration, goal-setting, and planning. This course transfers as elective credit to all three state universities. Please check out this article from the SCC Chronicle about CPD 102AB.

This course examines multiple cultures and subcultures within the contemporary United States and enhances student’s personal exploration of awareness and appreciation of multiculturalism. Students engage in activities that allow them to experience diverse cultural perspectives while also requiring them to use critical thinking skills for recognizing, analyzing, and mediating cultural and psychological factors impacting conflict and accord between diverse cultures through written and oral discourse. CPD 160 transfers as an elective credit to all three state universities and also fulfills the cultural “C” competency for the Maricopa Community Colleges.

The CPD 102AH course provides students with an opportunity to review the sources of stress, the physiological effects and the psychological impact of stress on the individual. Once students gain an understanding of the various manifestations of the stress response, students are introduced to a variety of strategies to manage as well as reduce stress.

This course is recommended for students who are interested in developing an awareness of Native American cultural roots, history, and traditions with emphasis on the shaping of personal identity, social, career, and educational decisions. Students who are interested in obtaining more information about this course should contact Tia Bruised Head in the SCC Counseling Department. This course is a required course for the Tribal Government program.