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Because success in college courses requires more advanced study skills, it is critical to be aware of where you stand. The Discovery Wheel assessment is a quick way to determine your current strengths and areas of growth on your way to becoming a successful college student. Click here for the Discovery Wheel assessment. If you would like to discuss your Discovery Wheel results, you can schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Success in college courses requires more advanced study skills.  While most students already have some study skills from their high school education, college is a time to add to and improve upon those skills.  (To quickly assess your own study skills, take The Discovery Wheel  assessment.)

Learning How To Learn

One of the most important things that students can learn from college is learning how to learn. Most college graduates are prepared to succeed in their everyday lives because they have learned to do the following:

  • They know how to ask the right questions
  • They know where to find answers to these questions
  • They know how to get the work done even when it is difficult (e.g., complex, time-consuming, boring)
  • They know how to use their newly learned information in a variety of ways.

College is a time where people have the opportunity to learn and practice these skills.  Thus it is no wonder why many employers look for college graduates, often regardless of major, because they know that the most successful employees possess the skills necessary to solve problems and perform. They have learned how to learn.

Counseling can help with study skills
Counseling Services offers many options to help you improve your study skills:
  • You can meet one-on-one with a counselor to focus on improving your study skills.
  • We offer CPD 150: Strategies for College Success. This 3-credit class can help you assess your own strengths and weakness and then learn and apply new study skills. This course transfers directly to all of three Arizona state universities (they all offer the same class).
  • Counseling Services offers many options to help you improve your study skills: 

Study Skills Websites
The following websites have a wealth of information to help you succeed: