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AZ Real Estate Pre-Licensing

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The state of Arizona requires 90 hours of education from a state approved educational institution prior to sitting for the state real estate licensing exam. Approved by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, the SCC Real Estate Pre-Licensing Program meets the 90 hour requirement through the completion of two three-credit courses. In addition, a half-credit contract writing seminar is offered:

REA 179: Real Estate Principles I
Basics of real estate principles including introduction to the profession and license law, definition of real property, legal descriptions, rights and interests in property, ownership, contracts, real estate economics, financing and foreclosure, land use, and valuation. Prerequisites: None.

REA 180: Real Estate Principles II
Advanced work in real estate including escrow procedures and title insurance, liens and encumbrances, advanced contracts, water rights, toxic waste and environmental hazards, agency, ethics and professional relationships, real estate code and the Commissioner's rules, investment, property management, and government restrictions.

REA 290AH:  Real Estate Seminar - Contract Writing
Contract writing skills, techniques, and requirements. Writing of basic real estate contracts, including purchase offers, counter offers, sales listing agreements, and riders.