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Business Fastrack Program

Learn the skills you need in today’s competitive business environment

Build on your strengths to develop new skills that deliver immediate value at work. No contrived exams. Instead, complete project-based assignments that have a clear application on the job.

Business Fastrack
  • A series of 11 integrated, practical, and project oriented business classes.
  • All classes are delivered in a 5-week on-campus format or 6-week online format.
  • Online classes have materials available 24/7. Please contact your instructor for the information needed to begin the class. No scheduled class meetings to attend. Assignments due weekly.
  • On-campus classes meet one night per week. Assignments are due weekly.
  • Complete either a 1-year Certificate [33 credits], or a 2-year Associate degree [64 credits], or take classes a la carte.
New Classes start Every Few Weeks

All classes are scheduled for working adults with skilled facilitators chosen for their professional expertise.

Fastrack is a series of accelerated courses designed to develop:
  • Effective communication skills: oral, written, and presentation.
  • Leadership development and team building.
  • Effective time management, resource allocation and prioritization.
  • Enhanced analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Increased self-confidence, motivation, productivity and creativity.
  • Effective use of Microsoft Office software suite: Word, Excel, and Power- Point.

This fully accredited program gives you maximum flexibility. Take several courses a la carte, mix and match both on-campus and online deliveries. Transfer up to 75 credits with an AAS Degree!*

*Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University & Grand Canyon University.