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Inclusiveness @ SCC

At SCC, it is important that our work and study environments feel comfortable for everyone. Upon entering our campus, our students, employees, and guests will know that SCC is a place where people respect and appreciate diverse perspectives and ways of life.

We recognize, understand and appreciate multiple ethnic and religious points of view, as well as all perspectives related to physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, age, gender and other identities. SCC is a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

SCC’s Inclusiveness Council was formed to ensure that the campus remains open and welcoming.

The SCC Campus is invited to celebrate INclusiveness Month in April

The In Crowd at Scottsdale Community College graphicIn 2012, Scottsdale Community College made a pledge to ensure equal civil rights for all, unequivocally oppose any manifestation of bullying, harassment, hatred, and prejudice towards any group or individual with our Not On Our Campus Proclamation. As part of our promise, SCC is happy to celebrate diversity during Inclusive Month in April 2014. This effort is being led by SCC’s Inclusiveness Council, the Student Inclusiveness Leadership Team and the Center for Civic and Global Engagement. These teams have launched a campaign Be IN: Informed, Involved, Inclusive. There will be several events throughout the month to celebrate the unique aspects we all bring to our campus community.

  • On April 2nd, the Spring Fling will include a multicultural /celebrate diversity theme during World Languages Week (March 31st-April 4th). Student organizations are asked to support this effort with creative ways to be inclusive.
  • Genocide Awareness Week will be April 7-12th and afford a great opportunity to incorporate global issues awareness into your classrooms.
  • “The In Thing” inaugural event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 24th.
    ‚ÄčThe event will include a Diversity Fair:
    • See how student and groups and classes are incorporating inclusiveness in their assignments and clubs
    • Learn Chinese calligraphy and paper folding
    • Experience our campus and community through the lens of diversity
    • Sign the Not On Our Campus pledge to stand up against hate, bullying and disrespect
  • Click here to see the event flyer.